Title: Devil Steps
Liberation Theater

Abdulaziz Al-Musallam - Intisar Al-Sharrah - Maram - Fowz Al-Shatti - Abdullah Al-Musallam - Mohammed A-Shuaibi - Abdulrahman Al-Hazeem - Fahad Layli - Mohammed Al-Musallam - Jassim Al-Bloushi -
and select artists.

Genre: Action - Horror - Comedy
Duration: 180 minutes
Age Group: 7 Years and above
Price Range:
Show Dates: -
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Not Available
09:00 AM - 01:00 AM

The play starts from the verse, O ye who believe! Do not follow the footsteps of the Shaytaan, and whoever follows the steps of the Shaytaan, he will order vilification and evil. The family of Saleh, who lives in modernity, is exposed to Satan in all ways, tempting them from weak faith towards sin and decorating it, and paves the way for it. While the act of doing so can not be strengthened by the strong faith, it is permissible for him to neglect some acts of worship until he follows him. Evil laughs, between the frightening and funny events reveal the secrets of the family of Saleh looking forward to tomorrow with all aspirations, dreams and ideas while the play reveals the truth that these aspirations and ideas initiative of the human soul or the thought of an outsider. This play is not just a play but it reveals the reality of the human soul and sheds light on the fear and the danger to the individual and human communities through a horror comedy show based on fun and purposeful entertainment.

Additional Info:

■Elevated Theater Setup with Theaterical Standard Seats



Abdulaziz Al-Musallam. 
Based on a Story By: Mohammed Al-Kandary.


Sami Al-Ali


Director: Abdullah Al-Musallam. 

Executive Director: Mohammed Al-Mahdi

Sound, Music & Songs

Lyrics: Shaikh Duaij Al-Khalifa Al-Sabah. 

Melodies By: Ade Alfarhan - Hady Khamees.  Composition: Mishari Al-Jamaan. 
Music & Sound Effects: Eng. Khalid Al-Ajlan.
Vocal Execution: Abdulaziz Al-Qadeeri

Lighting & Decor

Décor Design: Eng. Mohammed Al-Rubaiaan.  Lighting Designs: Eng. Ayman Abdulsalam.

Costume Designer & Make Up

Costume Designer: Hessa Al-Abbad.  

Makup Artist: Abdulaziz Al-Juraib.

Motion Expression Designer

Fahad Laili


Production Management: Abdulwahab Allingawi – Abdullah Al-Nasser – Mohsen AlEnezi. 
Production Manager: Ahmad Ali Dashti.